At Georg UK, we have devised a standard approach for delivering a project which provides a clear process for our clients. Underpinned by strong project management, key phases of Our Process include: establishing client requirements; creating the conceptual design; generating the functional specification (including mechanical, electrical & software design); build; integration; testing; and installation. Click on one of the Steps in Our Process below for more information.

STEP 1: Understanding Customers Needs
  • Listen to customers problems
  • Site survey
  • Process evaluation
  • Pre-order meetings
STEP 2: Risk Analysis and Key Objectives
  • Key project objectives of the project
  • Understand the project risks
  • Agree the appropriate project plan and timeline
  • Ensure resource and capabilities
STEP 3: Quotation & Functional Specification
  • Understand and agree customer specifications
  • Develop a detailed quotation
  • Provide functional description and project plan
STEP 4: Mechanical Design
  • In house 3D Design
  • Stress analysis
  • Preliminary design
  • Critical design
STEP 5: Electrical Design
  • In house design
  • System architecture and planning
  • Safety rating and risk assessment
  • Integration with mechanical design
  • Future proofing
STEP 6: Machine Control System
  • In house system design
  • Operator friendly approach
  • Self-diagnosis and maintenance friendly
  • Automated solutions to Industry4
  • Improvements to productivity
STEP 7: Software Design
  • In house design
  • Testing and simulated prior to dispatch
  • State of the art systems
  • Flexible and traceable format
  • Open access to customer
STEP 8: Machine Build
  • In house manufacturing
  • In house machine build
  • In house spray shop
  • Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical
STEP 9: Machine Pre-delivery Testing
  • Function and auto sequence testing
  • Pre-delivery checklist
  • FAT testing
STEP: 10 Installation & Commissioning
  • On site installation and commissioning
  • Fully certified service teams
STEP 11: After Sales Support
  • Service support on site
  • Spares service
  • Friendly technical advice
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