• Slitting Lines
    Our Slitting lines offer high speed, high accuracy slitting tolerances. At Georg UK we adapt our group technologies to your specific requirements for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.
  • Sheet Blanking Lines
    Our Blanking and Multi-Blanking lines are amongst the best in the world and offer the most up to date innovations to successfully process the latest specification ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Packaging Lines
    Our Coil and Sheet Packaging lines offer state of the art automation but can be specifically tailored to meet your exact requirements.
Best In Class Process Lines

At Georg UK we provide solutions to improve productivity and quality to meet the specific and often challenging requirements of our clients. Our machines are custom-designed and tailored for a clients’ specific finishing line requirements.

Our Coil Process lines are amongst the best in the world and we offer the most up to date innovations from across the Georg Group through our UK sales, design and service teams.

Our Coil Processing Director has been involved in the industry throughout his long and varied career offering experience in many differing areas. His knowledge of slitting, shearing, levelling and stacking lines is unparalleled in the UK and beyond. Supplement this experience with his ability to interpret customers specific requirements into the correct working solutions provides affordable and successful projects.
Clive Beese
Coil Processing

Georg UK are the UK division of the world-acclaimed Heinrich Georg Group, and are renowned for producing machines that process high quality slit coils and packs without damaging the surface finish or edges. Our coil process lines are amongst the best in the world for Edge Trim and Inspection; Slitting; Cut to Length; Multi-Blanking and Packaging.

Our equipment is custom-designed and tailored for a clients’ finishing line requirements. We only use high quality components in the production of our machines which helps to maintain the integrity of the machinery resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Here in the UK, we provide the expected level of machine quality and service associated with the Heinrich Georg name, whilst aligning our facilities to meet the expectations and requirements of the UK market.

We specialise in turnkey projects involving refurbishments, upgrades and retro-fits to clients’ existing equipment in the most efficient way possible. This is applicable to all types of coil processing machinery from many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

advantages of georg coil processing machines

> High output/throughput and flow rates by rigorous minimisation of tooling times and high production speeds

> High level of cutting accuracy by means of high precision knife shaft bearings

> Burr less cuts and high number of cuts with minimum deflection of the shaft

> High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter by means of a movable braking unit for operation without overarm separator

> Braking processes adapted to the material surface for gentle treatment of highly sensitive surfaces

> Extremely good flatness of sheets by using precision levellers

> Elimination of edge waves and centre buckles by suitably positioned back up rolls in levelling machine

> Exact cutting accuracy and angularity of sheets

> High stacking accuracy by use of individual stacking systems

> Minimum power consumption by modern regenerative systems and high efficient drives

> Material strength of more than 1400N/mm2 and yields up to 1000N/mm2

Georg Slitting Shears
Slitting shears: high performance, low cost
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Georg Edge Trimming Shears
Our portfolio of edge trimming shears
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Georg Trimming Lines for Aluminium
Edge trimming lines for thin aluminium strip at top speed
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Georg Levellers
Levellers for metal strips & plates
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Georg High Performance Leveller
High performance leveller for hot roller material to produce plates in laser quality
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Georg Levellers for Perforated Sheets
High performance levellers for perforated sheets
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Georg Systems for Cut off Edge Removal
Scrap chopper and scrap baller
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Georg Laser Scribing
Solid state laser scribing
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Latest News
Georg Slitting Line
Video showcasing a Slitting Line able to cut up to 50 cuts to a strip thickness of 0.25-4.18mm and a strip width of 300-1,800mm. Coil weight of 32,000kg and a line speed of up to 400 m/minute packaging up to 90 rings per hour. Features of our slitting line include: automatic tool change, automatic CNC separation, felt brake, roll brake and belt brake.
Cut to Length Slitting Lines
Video showcasing Cut to Length Slitting Line machines manufactured by Heinrich Georg UK renowned for our best in class process lines. With a tensile strength of 350-800 N/mm2, for use with strip thickness of 0.40-4.00mm and strip width of 300-1,600mm.
Georg TKS Slitting Line
Video showcasing the Georg TSK160-250-1200W Slitting Line.
GEORG Swing Shear Line
Video showcasing a Georg Swing Shear Line Type TBA/M/EL1000x5000 PBT
Georg SWA/M-300 Wound Core Production Line
Video showcasing the Georg SWA/M-300 Wound Core Production Line.
Georg AMC230 Amorphous Lamination Line
Video showcasing the Georg AMC 230 Amorphous Lamination Line.
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