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Dynamometer Test Rigs

Georg UK is experienced in the design and build of innovative dynamometer test rigs for electric motor testing, working on a number of contracts for organisations interested in testing the performance of engines, particularly electric motors, under loads. We have worked with many of the UK’s leading Universities’ Research & Development centres, designing and building bespoke test rigs for dynamometer test beds.

A dynamometer, sometimes called a ‘dyno’, measures mechanical force or power torque and sits on a robust bed to prevent vibration or loss of control. Safety is paramount and our test rigs are fully CE certified with safety guarding and shut down safety systems.

Virtual commissioning is available using the latest 3D electronic software packages along with set-up and testing of Test Rigs on-site at Georg’s workshop in the West Midlands before installation and commissioning at client’s premises.

High Performance Electric Motors Test Stand, University of Nottingham

An innovative test stand that houses five dynamometer test beds as part of the UK Electrification of Aerospace Propulsion Facility (UKEAPF) based within the new Power Electronics and Electrical Machines Centre at the University of Nottingham. The project involves the design of flexible and re-configurable set of high performance motor-drives which are able to dynamically emulate different loading conditions. The facility will be set to test motors individually or as a sub-system.

The test stands will act as a motor (emulating a prime mover) or generator (emulating a propulsion / traction load) and the power and speed nodes specified are met without the use of gearing (ie a direct drive). The facility will be able to cover a wide power-speed range; up to 500kW from 1,500 to 20,000 rpm.

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Test Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles, WMG University of Warwick

Design and build of a Test Rig to test battery powered small motor units for use in light weight transport. The test rig will be used for research & development and quality assessment of off-the-shelf motors, with the main focus being urban mobility projects (small electric vehicles).

The design of the Test Rig aims to control the application of force profile that replicates what would be happening to the motor when used in the real world. Built within the Test Rig is sophisticated power analyser systems to record data and feedback via a closed loop system using a cause and effect process.

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