The Decline of Spare Parts
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GeorgUK, the UK arm of Germany’s leading engineering company Heinrich Georg GmbH, is warning SMEs about the risk of faulty lines, the lack of spare parts in the UK and the timescales involved in securing bespoke spares.

Andrew Logie, GeorgUK’s head of Spares & Servicing Division, explains: “Over the years we’ve noticed a decline in SMEs stocking spare parts for their machinery lines due to the cost and space they take up. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment used to be made in the UK, but these parts are now typically manufactured overseas; and with more bespoke equipment and spares being manufactured to order, the low availability of parts will ultimately costs companies thousands in lost production time.

GeorgUK Support OEM Machines

Whilst GeorgUK manufactures many bespoke parts for Georg machines as well as OEM machines, it is time consuming work; it involves measuring the part, creating a technical drawing and then manufacturing and testing.

Identify Critical Machinery Parts to Stock

Due to the timescales involved in sourcing and manufacturing replacement parts, GeorgUK are offering SMEs a Risk Assessment of their line to determine which parts of the machines are strategic to their operation. By being better informed about which critical parts companies may need to stock in the event of a breakdown, it will help to reduce costs in the long term.

Remote Monitoring of  Machinery

In addition, remote sensors and RFID chips can be installed onto existing machinery providing real-time information and data about the line, helping to identify potential defects before they occur, improve line efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Companies interested in a Risk Assessment of their line or installation of remote monitoring can contact Andrew Logie on 01902 715110

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