• In-house design services using the latest software
  • De-risking projects through analysis and simulation services
Technical Services

Georg UK provides a range of technical services to our customers. Whilst we offer the full service in-house from custom design through to manufacturing at our facilities in Wolverhampton, sometimes our clients require specific elements of our technical service such as Design, Prototypes or Surveys.

If you require support with your engineering project and would like to benefit from our engineering knowledge and experience, call us on 01902 715110.

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R&D Projects

Developing innovative solutions alongside our customers starting with the most basic parameters. Using our technical knowledge and experience working on a range of projects, we apply sound engineering practice to every project.

By establishing your objectives, we work collaboratively with you to identify potential solutions that incorporate the latest technology and innovations.

To kick-start your latest R&D project, call the Georg team.

Stress Analysis, FEA and Software Simulation

Prove and test design ideas before manufacture using the latest design simulation software. Our clients de-risk their projects prior to committing to costly materials, manufacturing and testing time by using our stress analysis, FEA and software simulation services.

Our stress analysis determines the stresses and strains in materials and helps to ensure that the machine will fulfil its intended use within the desired working loads.

Our finite element analysis (FEA) uses computer models to predict how a machine will react in a real-life scenarios to physical forces such as vibration, heat and fluid flow.

Our software simulation uses computer modelling to demonstrate machine operation through real-life simulation examples and is widely used to help refine designs.

Detailed reports are provided for all our analysis and simulation services.

To take the stress out of your machinery simulations, contact the Georg team.



Our customers use our own in-house engineering facilities to support and prove design concepts, creating fully-functioning prototypes.

Mechanical, electrical, hydraulics and software prototype build and development is undertaken in our own in-house facility in Wolverhampton under the control of our experienced test and design engineers.

For confidence in your next engineering project, use our prototyping service.

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies address the fundamentals, determining the cost, duration and risk of a project, checking the technical feasibility of the proposed solution. It helps our customers determine whether a project should go ahead from a technical and economic position.

Working alongside our customers we generate project plans for new machines or modifications to existing machinery allowing the correct engineering decisions to be made as early as possible in the process.

For assistance in reviewing the feasibility of engineering solutions, contact the Georg team.

Productivity Analysis and Reports

Improving machinery productivity can have a huge impact on a company from minimising losses, increasing revenue, reducing maintenance downtime to improving quality.

Our on-site process evaluation assists customers raise productivity by advising on any machinery upgrades or changes to working practices.

We identify areas for potential productivity improvement, analysing statistical data collected during the site visit. Our analysis also identifies delays and interruptions that can cause loss of machinery productivity.

To improve your machinery productivity, contact the Georg team.

Machine Inspection

Keeping your machines in tip-top condition is not only an important safety requirement for the prevention of accidents, but it also identifies deterioration so it can be repaired or replaced before machine failure.

Our inspection also identifies if the machine is suitable for future production plans or change of production requirements.

Our engineers advise and report on machine condition or suitability either on-site or at our own in-house workshops in Wolverhampton.

We undertake alignment and condition checks as well as equipment upgrades and technical advice including Planned Preventative Maintenance Schemes.

To check whether your machines are fit for the future, contact the Georg team to book in a health check.

Site Safety Surveys & Technical Reports

Our quality and technical engineers constantly keep up to date with the latest safety requirements for machinery and control systems including OSHA, ANSI and other standards.

We offer machinery inspections on-site reviewing operational and maintenance of the machine through a full risk assessment to determine compliance.

Our report highlights safety or compliance issues, with recommendations for any equipment upgrades.

If your machine needs an MOT, contact the Georg team.

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