Heinrich Georg (UK) have won a significant order to build an intelligent servo shear machine for ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Birmingham. Whilst the Heinrich Georg Group make servo shears and sell them world-wide, this will be the first machine of its kind in the UK built to a specific client specification.

ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Birmingham, who produce just-in-time blanks for the automotive sector, needed a machine that could cut extremely high strength but thin material without damaging it. The servo shear machine is capable of cutting DPI1,000 material, which is three times the strength of normal material, into the required lengths.

Neil Wyke, managing director of Georg UK, explains: “This new shear uses the latest servo technology to accelerate and decelerate the crank exactly in sync with the line allowing smooth uninterrupted and high-speed material flow. The torque and inertia of the machine is absorbed in the drive system thus removing the traditional mechanical shears that are the norm in the UK and simply cannot cope with today’s high strength materials.”

He added: “The servo motor system is a development which reduces the amount of moving parts making it efficient, minimise breakdowns and is easier for the client to maintain.”

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