Virtual Commissioning of Machines

New machines or test rigs can now be commissioned virtually using Georg smartcontrol software.

The Heinrich Georg group is partnering with software providers, such as Siemens, and using their Georg smartcontrol software to test, train and commission machines virtually before the actual machine is built.

This new innovation means Georg can fully test the machine in a safe environment and without risk using a digital twin – a virtual replica of the machine that is used to run simulations before machines are built and commissioned. The virtual testing process enables Georg engineers to identify problems before they occur, ultimately minimising downtime for the customer once the machine is commissioned.

Simon Jones, Technical Manager at Georg UK, explains: “This new innovation in software development allows repeat tests virtually in the early stages of machine development, maximising the production efficiency. It allows early warnings to detect potential failures, assessment of running costs, in tolerance / out of tolerance activities, optimise programmes and workflows, and train our customers virtually, therefore de-risking actual potential damage to machine and product.”

The Georg smartcontrol software reports virtual error analysis, records machine run-time, plans maintenance and submits reports for servicing and support teams.

For more information about virtual commissioning watch the latest video or call the team on 01902 715110.

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